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About us

CHAIN is a registered, non-profit organisation (NPO 77158) working hands on in the communities of Tulbagh, Ceres, Prince Alfred Hamlet, Wolseley and Gouda.

Our vision is "To create an environment of animal well-being in the Boland"

These 5 animal freedoms are our guidelines:

   Freedom from hunger & thirst (by providing fresh water and the right type and amount of food to keep them fit)
   Freedom from discomfort (by making sure that animals have the right type of environment including shelter & somewhere comfortable to rest)
   Freedom from pain, injury & disease (by preventing them from getting ill or injured and by making sure animals are diagnosed and treated rapidly if they do)
   Freedom to behave normally (by making sure animals have enough space, proper facilities and the company of other animals of their own kind)
   Freedom from fear & distress (by making sure their conditions and treatment avoid mental suffering)

Our Mission

Our Mission has 5 areas of focus:

1.  We shall manage the animal population through effective programmes of sterilization and necessary euthanasia;
2.  We shall establish well managed foster homes;
3.  We shall promote education through community involvement;
4.  We shall strive to provide affordable veterinary services for the less privileged members of the community;
5.  We shall establish effective fundraising programmes to create sustainable financial stability

The organisation is totally reliant on donations and volunteers to continue it's work.

YOU can help

 All donations help (whether it be time, money, food, blankets, second-hand kennels, cages or even toys) and will directly impact the animals in the Boland.
Donations can be made to:
CHAIN Boland
Standard Bank
 Tulbagh Branch (Code: 050307)
Account: 085 958 557

For other donations please contact us on:
072 609 1165
or email us at

This website is made possible by the kind sponsorship of

 The Saayman Family Trust

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meryl cochrane | Reply 30.04.2013 09.13

Gaynor, was at Ceres vet yesterday and have volenteered my time to assist there during the up comming spayathon. Will phone you.My no is 0723550989

Gaynor Saayman 01.05.2013 13.56

Thank you Meryl!! That would be fantastic - we always need extra hands.

hello | Reply 05.09.2012 17.17

I love what you guys do for the stray animals.

Heidi Taljaard 09.10.2012 22.10

Thanx! Get involved! We are planning a Open Family Day on the 8th of Dec, at Fynbos Guestfarm outside Tulbagh! All funds will go towards animal wellfare!

Gaynor | Reply 26.05.2012 21.53

Our spayathon was a huge success - 82 animals sterilised!!

GAYNOR | Reply 07.04.2012 16.10

Our next SPAYATHON is happening on 23 & 24 May! Please consider sponsoring an animal - what a difference you will make to their lives!

GAYNOR | Reply 04.03.2012 22.07

Please attend our AGM on 22 March! We would like to thank all our supporters in person!

Braam Joubert | Reply 03.10.2011 22.33

You guys are doing a marvelous job.

Gaynor 04.10.2011 10.49

Thanks for the encouragement Braam!!

Heidi | Reply 13.09.2011 13.49

Hi All!! Please visit our stall at the Tulbagh Show this year :
28 September - 01 October. Really looking forward seeing you all there!

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Latest comments

15.04 | 21:52

Tanya, please contact Jojo on 072 609 1165 if you are serious about adopting Sweetpea. Pre-home checks apply!

15.04 | 11:25

i am so interested

10.03 | 11:38

Great, I will be checking this space to see when and where, hopefully in Ceres though! Thank you
Regards Carmen

07.03 | 15:42

Hi Carmen, hope your received our email reply sent on 5/3/14. Our next Spayathon will be in May 2014. Date & venue still to be decided.

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