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CHAIN was this week faced with the brutal murder of a female dog killed with a axe on a farm in Winterhoek outside of Tulbagh. The details of this horrific act are still to be established but it appears from eye witnesses that a man on a farm killed the female dog with a axe, while his wife helped him by holding the dog.  

The dog was apparently tied up with 'bal tou' and the man admitted to carrying out this execution with Chain investigators on the scene, after the matter was reported by the farm owner to CHAIN. This horrific scene also happened in front of primary school children on the farm and again reflects the inhumane treament of animals that is becoming common practice in the community.   

The dog was Killed in front of its pup which that was also severely traumatised, abused, scared and underfed. CHAIN and the Tulbagh vet then took the unfortunate decision to have the pup put down. A case has been opened with the Police and is under investigation by Sgt McDonald.  

It was a normal Tuesday for Tulbagh that was interupted by an explosion coming from the Tarzan Shoe Factory. This tragic event took the life of the popular Oom Pietie, whilst working on the factory floor.  With an event such as this, there will always be loved ones left behind in mourning. One of these loved ones was a small black dog named Ninja who had lived with Oom Piete for many years but was now without a home. 

This is where CHAIN stepped in, and immediately took care of the animal, placing it up for adoption. After the local eNews Letter published the story about the now homeless Ninja, Mr Jansen from the Tulbagh Correctional Services got hold of CHAIN to take up the offer of adopting him.

Ninja now lives happily playing with Mr Jansen's two young sons and spends his afternoons playing in the garden with the water hose. CHAIN has made several follow up visits to Ninja's new home and are happy to report that he is in good condition and is now a loved family dog.   


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16.10 | 16:31

Hi I would like to know what I can do about my nabours dogs that are permanently out on the streets. They do not look like a danger but they are to other pets!

08.09 | 10:15

Looking 4 a dogkennel 4 my pitbull i can only afford a kennel after the end of the month and in the meantime my dog sleeps cold

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12.08 | 16:24

Stupid i dont have email yet iam getting soon

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